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"My heart is burning with the heat of a raging fire! Feel the resonating beat of my pulse!" - Jonathan Joestar (Jonasan Jōsutā, ジョナサン・ジョースター)

Basic Information

Hamon is known as a close-range spec that is featured in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Phantom Blood which is known as the 1st part of the JJBA Series. There is lots of users that uses Hamon as its ability at the JJBA : Phantom Blood series such as Caesar Zeppeli, Joseph Joestar and even Ultimate Life Form Kars uses Hamon but has a different type of unique attacks and abilities. However this spec is based on Jonathan Joestar, which is one of the main protagonist in the series and it was seen in Part 1, which is JJBA : Phantom Blood. Hamon is also known as a unique / special ability that lets you produce the energy identical from the sun itself just like a Solar Panel, thus manifests an ability which is ripples throughout the Hamon user's body

How to Obtain

Hamon can be obtainable by buying it from the Awakening Bank for ₤50k or by trading with someone



Sendō Chop
The user charges Hamon to the user's right arm and does a chop to the enemy doing 30 damage.
Sunlight Yellow Overdrive
The user will punch the enemy multiple times at rapid speed while charging Hamon onto its fist, dealing 3.75 damage per hit to the enemy.
Scarlet Overdrive
Just like the Sendo Chop (Q), it charges Hamon but it is into their left arm instead and punches the enemy instead of chopping them. This deals 35 damage to the enemy.
Zoom Punch
The user will dislocate and extend their arms to punch the enemy at moderate/long range, doing 25 damage.
Luck and Pluck
The user will take out its Luck and Pluck sword and swings it to the enemy, this deals 60 damage to the enemy.
Hamon-Infused Leap
The user will charges its Hamon and jump at a long distance and moderate/high height. (Currently broken.)