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"The Pot Platinum's Diary is a mythical diary, scattered around the universe, only appearing when it finds a worthy user... it is said this diary gives the user the ultimate power to rule above them all. Of course, this is a myth.... or is it?" -Anonymous.


It appears as the same design as DIO's Diary, but it has changes to it. Pot Platinum's Diary appears to be white as its main colour instead of brown. Unlike the old model, the revamped model of Pot Platinum's Diary has "POT" as its main text. The designs and the text for this item is in neon blue, thus it has a colour palettes of blue and white too. For the old model, it is the different design as the revamped version but it does not a text on the Diary while it has the same type of design as the old model of DIO's Diary.


A long time ago, before the world even existed, there were rumors of a god named the Pot God. He had a stand named Pot Platinum, which he would later pass on to TheGuestToBlame. The Pot Tribe was a tribe that praised this said god, because he saved them all and gave the tribe bread and wine. However, one fateful day, the tribe was ambushed by The Void Cult. They all were unable to do anything, and they were all made into slaves. But... little did the Void Cult know, they awakened the Pot God's wrath. He descended down, and with only a movement of Pot Platinum's hand, the Void Cult's place went ablaze. The Void Cult, in fear, ran away. The Pot Tribe lived happily until the death of all of their members. Then, the Pot God decided to pass on his stand to a random vessel in a future world. The vessel was TheGuestToBlame. TheGuestToBlame, with the power of his stand, used a fraction of it's power to write down the Pot Platinum's Diary, which chooses it's worthy possessor and gives them almost unlimited power. The whereabouts of TheGuestToBlame are currently unknown.

The legendary Pot Platinum's Diary still exists, but for it to appear, you will need patience. Only a few Stands can contain the legendary powers of Pot Platinum, those Stands being Star Platinum, Star Platinum (OVA) and Vampire. There were rumors that once Mario Platinum could contain this power, turning it into Mario Platinum (Over the Universe), but the Stand was too strong. Users of the Stand would abuse their powers and such, by killing innocents and destroying cities/towns. TheGuestToBlame had no choice but to remove the Stand from existence. Currently, it can make Sonic, Jotaro's Star Platinum, and Jotaro's Star Platinum (OVA) by using the diary. Luigi's World was also able to grasp the power of the diary, but he eventually got utterly defeated by the Copyright God of Nintendo Corporation.


This item spawns every 1 hour with a chance of 1/35 to obtain this item.


This item is also known as the 3rd rarest obtainable item in Stands Awakening making it will be hard for most players in Stands Awakening to find. However, if you use these tips, Pot Platinum's Diary is easier to find as you think, thus this guide can be useful for newer players in Stands Awakening. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get it much easier, these tips can also be used to find Dio's Skull.

  1. Put something that is heavy onto your Spacebar, or use an autoclicker ( It can be any type of autoclicker as long as it is from an trusted brand and it does not gives malware / viruses ). If any of your family members or even your friends has an autoclicker that does not give malware / viruses in their PC / Laptop, it is recommended for you to ask them how and where they get it
  2. Stands Awakening's VIP / private servers are free so you don't have to get it by paying it unlike some of them that require robux to get access to a private server.
  3. Start autoclicking or jumping using a heavy object in your spacebar. Try to leave it for around 10 to 20 hours ( May depend ). You can also do lots of stuff while you are waiting such as Arrow-farming, PVP with your friends and you can practice your combos of your favourite stand. By doing this, you will not feel bored and will not have to worry for waiting for long duration.
  4. After all of these steps, you can join back into your VIP / Private servers and find Pot Platinum's Diary that has spawned. The good thing is that Pot Platinum's Diary no longer have to despawn so you do not have to worry if the item has despawn or not after long hours.

After doing all of these tips, there is two ways on how you want to use it, you can either evolve a certain stand by using Pot Platinum's Diary or trading it for something even better. Out of these methods, it was recommended to trade for a better item because this item has much higher demands unlike other items in Stands Awakening than the stands / specs you can evolved by using this item.

It will require patience and luck to get this. This method can also be used to get Dio's Skull.


  • Sonic

- To get this spec, you will need to use Pot Platinum's Diary on Vampire to get Sonic ( Vampire + Pot Platinum's Diary = Sonic ) -- Sonic is an A Tier spec

  • Jotaro's Star Platinum

- To get this stand, you will need to use Pot Platinum's Diary on Star Platinum to get Jotaro's Star Platinum ( Star Platinum + Pot Platinum's Diary = Jotaro's Star Platinum ) --- Jotaro's Star Platinum is an A Tier stand

  • Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA

- To get this stand, you will need to use Pot Platinum's Diary on Star Platinum OVA to get Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA ( Star Platinum OVA + Pot Platinum's Diary = Jotaro's Star Platinum OVA )


  • Pot Platinum's Diary ( PPD for short ) is the 3rd rarest item in Stands Awakening other than Camera and Dio's Skull.
  • Despite PPD being less rarer than Camera, it has much higher demands than Camera due to having more than one evolutions compared to Camera
  • This item can be used to evolve Stands and Specs that into more powerful stands/specs with high value such as Jotaro's Star Platinum.
  • Pot Platinum's Diary can also referred as Pot Diary according to the community while others call it PPD.
  • Pot Platinum's Diary is one of the best diaries in the game.
  • This item used to have a spawntime of 1 hour with a chance of 1/50 (2%), but now has a spawntime of 1 hour with a chance of 1/35 (3%).
  • This item used to get you an Admin Stand which was Mario Over The Universe, but the stand itself was deleted due to copyright. It can also make Cosmic Luigi's World / Luigi Over The Universe also by using Pot Platinum's Diary, but it was also deleted due to copyright just like Mario Over The Universe
  • It is possible to trade for Dio's Skull if you have 2-3 pot diaries.