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ResizedImageRemovedfeature.pngThe content in this page has been deleted in-game.
Spin has been deleted, meaning that it is no longer in the game.

"Toss it! Believe in Spin! The power of rotation is limitless! Trust in that power!"- Gyro Zeppeli (Jairo Tseperi, ジャイロ・ツェペリ )

How to Obtain

Spin can be obtained by going to the Gyro Zeppeli NPC and giving him 50K cash. Spin is currently only obtainable using the Old UI and then speaking to Gyro. Sadly, only Q and T works on Spin's entire moveset.


「PASSIVE A」 - Spinning Blood
The player will passively regenerate health.

Skills :

(Q - Spin Strike) The user charges up their spin into their right arm, and strikes it down upon their target, dealing a superior amount of damage.

(E / R - Taste My Steel Balls!) The user chucks a steel ball from either their left or right hand (E meaning their left and R meaning their right) that can be aimed in direction you facing. Once a ball connects, it will deal moderate damage to the target.(Currently broken and will deal no damage).

(T - Spin Infused Jab) Similar to its Q, the user shoves their fist forward and plunges it into the opponent, spinning their insides while also delivering an incredible blow!

(F - Spin Shotgun!) This is it, your final move, show 'em what you can do! The user unleashes 5 steel balls and throws all of them at once, each doing superior damage!(Also has no damage).

(Z - Spin Powered Leap) The user pushes themselves forwards using their spin technique. Similar to Bootleg Pot Plat's jump but not spammable.


  • Spin has been deleted in Stands Awakening, however, it is likely that it may be added again if Tusk ever gets released.
  • Spin's melee moves still work but its balls do not do any damage.
  • Spin is based off of the ability that Gyro Zeppeli teaches Johnny Joestar in Part 7 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.