Stands Awakening Wiki

"Kids these days fighting with their "stands", vampiric powers or that super weird yellow lightning technique... back in my days we fought with our own fists!" - Standless user.

Basic Information

Standless or No Abilities is known as the close-range spec just like some stands or specs. However, you can get this spec when you first start the game. This is because it is the first ability you can get which is very weak, this suggets that you should find an Arrow or other items that can be used to evolve Standless to get a stand / spec which can make you stronger.

Standless is known as a E Tier in rarity according to the Value Tier List since you first started the game, but however, it is known as a C Tier in PVP / Combat according to the Combat Tier List.

How to Obtain

Standless can be obtained when you first started the game, it can also be obtainable by using a Rokakaka Fruit on any stands / specs or by trading.



There is no changes to your Roblox Avatar when you have Standless, but if you use LMB or R, a trail of your skin colour will be displaying when using these skills.


Just like a regular human, you punch the enemy with your left and right fists. This deals 5 damage per hit and has a 0.25 second cooldown.
Strong Punch
The user with Standless will punch the enemy with a heavy blow, dealing 15 damage to the enemy while knocking back by a few studs. This also have a 7.5 second cooldown
The user rolls on the floor, giving them some boost. This has a 3 second cooldown.


Just like other stands / specs, combos can be used to deal even more damage to other enemies, this is very useful when you are in PVP with others and they can also insta-kill them if you used them correctly for some stands / specs. Here is the combo for Standless you can try out

Combos ( Easy Difficulty)

  • C + R ( Roll + Heavy Punch )

Combos ( Medium Difficulty )

  • LMB + R ( Normal Punch + Heavy Punch )

Pros & Cons


  • R can knock your enemy back a good distance.
  • Low cooldowns.


  • Mediocre durability.
  • Mediocre block.
  • Low damage output.
  • Lack of moves.
  • Little combo potential.
  • Struggles fighting against players with abilities.