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Rules are something everyone, including staff members, must follow. If you do not follow these rules expect to be punished via being blocked.

Rule Number/Name Description of Rule Block Length
1. No NSFW/Gore. Do not post NSFW/Gore. Same goes for using a NSFW profile picture, or sending shock sites such as,,, etc. Infinite block if you do this. No exceptions.
2. No Zalgo/Glitchy text. Do not spam zalgo/glitch text in pages or comment sections. They will just be deleted, so don't try it. Ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks block, depending on the severity, length of the text, and how much you did it.
3. No vandalizing pages. This is a common rule on every wiki. Do not vandalize. Expect to be blocked if you do this. Ranges from 2 weeks to infinite block. First time griefing pages = 2 weeks. Second time = 1 month. Third time = Infinite.
4. No self promotion, unless given permission first. Do not post Discord servers, YouTube channel links, etc. of your own, as it is self promoting unless you're allowed to self promote. You cannot self promote YouTube channels, however. You can only self promote once in 2 weeks. It will get you blocked for 1 month. Even if they ask for the link do not send it. You will still get blocked.
5. No extreme spamming. Saying the occasional "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" is fine, but do not go to a page and just fill up the entire comment section with just some random letter, number, or an insane amount of spaces in one comment. Its just plain annoying for anybody trying to find a comment. First time is 2 weeks. Second is a month block. Third is an infinite block.
6. Do not cross trade or scam. This should be pretty obvious. Do not try to cross-trade or scam at all. For example, "Trading BPG for 200 robux" or "Trading CC for DTWHV in AUT". If you're caught doing this, you will be infinitely blocked from the wiki. No exceptions.
7. Do not make useless pages. If you're gonna post a stand/spec concept, make sure to put it in the forums, or in the Stands/Specs we want in Stands Awakening page. If caught first time making a useless page will go to a 3 day block. Second time is a 1 week block. The final block will be infinite but appealable.
8. No death threats. This should be obvious. Do not threaten anyone with saying "I have your IP address" or "I know where you live". The same thing goes for staff. Doing so can result into a 2 week block. If you continue to do it, it will be a 2 month block, and then an infinite block.
9. Do not impersonate anyone. Do not impersonate anyone. This goes without saying. For example, if you were to write "I'm literally an admin and I can ban you forever if you don't give me 3 pot diaries". Doing this will get you severely punished. First offense, 1 month block. Second offense, 3 months. Third offense, an infinite appealable block.
10. Do not make offensive usernames. Don't make an offensive/dirty username. Example: "Ivanzuelo big stupid bad owner". Infinite block will happen if caught.
11. Do not evade blocks. Another obvious rule. If you get blocked, do not use an alt to avoid that block. Just wait it out, and if it's an infinite block, don't try. Every alt account is permablocked, with no appeal at all. If you are caught doing this you will be blocked for 1 month. If caught 2nd time is a 2 month block. 3rd time is an unappealable infinite block. (If a staff is blocked for a false reason they are allowed to unblock themselves without permission.)
12. No excessive image spamming. Do not spam comment sections with images. No, putting one image down does not count as spam, that is fine, but do not flood comment sections with an image. First time is 2 weeks. Second is a month block. Third is an infinite block.
13. Don't add useless info. Do not add useless stuff in pages. For example, the Man Face copypasta, or using a specific item to get an unobtainable/Admin Stand to trick people. Adding random/false categories do not count and will not get you blocked, the category will just get removed. Will range from an 2 hour block to a week block. If you continue after the week block then you would have to go with an infinite block without account creation possible.
14. Don't be overly toxic. Another common rule. Just act regular. There's no need to be overly toxic to someone. All it will do is get you punished. And a note to staff, just because you are a higher up, doesn't mean you can be overly toxic/abuse this rule. Being overly toxic will get you blocked for 1 day. If you continue, a block for 2 weeks. If you continue, then you get an infinitely long block.
15. Do not mini-mod. Make sure to not mini-mod. If you see someone breaking the rules, don't try and confront them about it. Tell staff if you see someone breaking the rules. Mini-modding will only get you warned. If you continue to do it, you get a week block, then an infinite block.
16. If you edit a comment make sure it’s important.(STAFF) Do not edit random comments, like trading, questions, etc. Only edit them out if they are bad/contain spam or NSFW. If you do it, you will be asked to stop. If you continue you will be temporarily demoted. If you continue, you will get a 2 month demotion, and if you do it again, you will be permanently demoted.
17. Do not dox. Doxxing is the action of leaking someone's personal information, such as leaking their address. Don't do it. Infinite block if you do this, with no appeal.
18. Do not blackmail. Blackmailing is the action of someone giving away sensitive/damaging information of another person if they do not give them a certain payment. In SA's case, someone could say "Give me a free SOMT or I will tell everyone where you live". This will get you severely punished. First time blackmailing will get you a 2 week long block. Second time blackmailing will get you a month long block. If you continue after this point, you will get an infinite, unappealable block.
19. No one under 13. Making a FANDOM account requires you to be at least 13+ years old. Accounts managed by people under 13 are not welcome! If you're found out to be <13 you will be blocked for a certain period of time until you're 13 years old. (Example: if you're found out to be 11 years old, you will be blocked for 2 years.)
20. No arguing. It's not nice to start arguments with other people, as we want this wiki to be a safe place for everyone, please do not argue. If you start arguing, you'll get blocked for 1 week. Next offense is 2 weeks, next one is 1 month, and so on.
21. Give credit if you are going to use someone's work. Make sure to always give credit if you are going to upload an image, video or are going to upload someone's work. Failing to follow this rule and/or pretending that the artwork is yours/you made it will be a 3 day block. Second offense, 2 weeks. third offense, 2 months.
22. No Hoaxes. Do not post hoaxes such as the "You will die in your sleep tonight if you don't post this in [page] [number] times" hoax. If caught posting once, will result in a 3 day block. Second offense will be a week, and third offense will be a month.
23. Do not ask the wiki staff to do something for the game. We are not SA devs, and this wiki is unofficial, so please consider not begging us to update the game or give you free items or stands. -
24. No punishment baiting. Do not try to speedrun getting banned/bait the staff into punishing you just to look like a funny guy. Punishment is a 1 month block.
25. Do not make shiny pages, they are merged with the normal pages. This links to rule 7. Do not create shiny pages, as they are in the normal stand pages. 1 week block if you do this.
26. Don't farm edits and flood the wiki activity. The main problem is for mod applications, gaining edits rapidly when you do not add anything useful to a page isn't fair to other applicants that worked hard for their edits. I.E: Making edits where you do not change nothing at all counts as breaking this rule.

If you edit pages frequently, but add good information it's fine.

Punishment is a 1-week block.