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"It's embarrassing looking at how little your progress is. Train harder and i'll consider teaching you."

Basic Information

Sword is a close-ranged, non-canon spec. Because it is non-canon, it does not have a specific user.

Sword is D Tier in Rarity and B Tier in PvP.

How to Obtain

Sword is obtained by buying it from Tom for £13,500.

Another way to obtain Sword is by Trading.


Sword has a simple appearance. It has a golden guard, with a blue handle and a silver blade, being the same as the linked sword model from ROBLOX.


Sword Chop
The user swiftly slashes the opponent dealing mediocre damage, decent for combos.
Using their left hand, the user jumps forward to their enemy and punches them, knocking them back and dealing fairly good damage.
Sword Spin
The user swings their sword and body around, hitting anyone near them dealing insane damage.
The user pounces forward with their leg, kicking and knocking the enemy up in the air and dealing a good amount of damage.


+ R can deal at least half the opponent's health bar.

+ T can set up combos.

+ Left click can be spammed to deal godly damage in only a few slashes.

+ Will dominate any close range stands.


- Has a really hard time getting close to deal damage.

- No ranged moves.

- Completely outclassed by zoners.

-Very limited amount of moves.

-Hopeless against time stop due to the user not being able to stand jump.