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"With this, the Joestar bloodline will finally end. My archenemies, who dared to make an appearance in my destiny... Farewell!" - DIO (ディオ・ブランド)[1]

Basic Information

The World (commonly referred to as "TW") is the Stand of DIO, the main antagonist of Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders. The World also appeared briefly in Stone Ocean.

The World is a close-ranged Stand with immense power, incredible speed and precision similiar to Star Platinum. Because it is a close-ranged Stand, it performs poorly in long-ranged fights. However, with its ability to stop the hands of time for 5 seconds make up for it, making it a dangerous Stand to fight. In-game however, it is not as powerful as it is in the series.

The World is C+ Tier in Rarity and D Tier in PvP, while it's shiny is B Tier in Rarity.

How to Obtain

The World is obtained by using an Arrow on Standless with a 2% chance of obtaining, and it's shiny is a 1% chance. It can also be obtained from Whitesnake: Alternative Universe's disc throw, with a chance of obtaining it. Another way to obtain The World is by Trading.


You reject your humanity, turning you into a Vampire. But, instead of losing your Stand, your Stand, The World, turns into a much more powerful version than its previous counterpart. You are now capable of regenerating health and also using vampiric abilities.

  • The World + Shiny Arrow = The World (OVA) (1/50 chance)

Has a high chance of failing. There are no differences other than its appearance and rarity.

By reading the paths of the Diary, you ascend your The World into its Over Heaven form.


The World is a tall humanoid Stand with a very muscular build. It bears a striking resemblance to DIO in terms of appearance. It wears a headpiece covering its face to the end of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height, leaving the face of an inverted triangle visible to the front; somewhat similar to the Red Crown of Lower Egypt.

It wears small, simple twin diving cylinders on its back, connecting via short, twin-ridged cables to the rear of its mask; perhaps secured by thick, ridged or puffed straps running from the rear of its waist over both its shoulders to its front. The back of both its hands bears the shape of a simple clock face. Its chin, the base of its abdomen, its crotch and its knees are topped by heart shapes. Plates on its shins, its footwear bears curved, sharply-pointed toes, similar to those of DIO's outfit in Part 3.


Stand Punch
The World strikes the target with a weak punch.
"MUDA MUDA MUDA!" - MUDA Barrage/Kick Barrage
Hold + Ekey.png
The World can either throw a flurry punches or kicks. It has a 50/50 chance to be a punch or a kick barrage. Each punch/kick deals 5 damage. This has a low cooldown.
The World strikes the target with a heavy punch that deals around 35 damage. This has a low cooldown.
Knife Throw
The user throws one knife in front of them. The knife deals 15 damage and has a low cooldown.
"Feast your eyes on my power!" - Time Stop Donut
Cursor on Target + Ykey.png
The World stops time and punches the target's stomach, and quickly resuming time. This move is instant, giving free damage. The target will be sent where they were facing. This has a high cooldown.
"The World! Stop time!" - Time Stop
The World uses its true power to stop time for 5 seconds. All damage will be stacked until time resumes. This has a high cooldown.
Stand Jump
The World uses its immense strength to leap into a distance with its user.


  • Y+R (Easy)
  • Y+R+F+E (Medium)
  • (TS COMBO) R+F+E+T+Y (Medium)
  • R+T+Y+E+F+T (Hard)
  • R+T+E+LMBx2+R+F (Hard)

Pros and Cons


  • Time Smite can easily wipe 50% of the opponents health.
  • The World (Timestop) lasts for a good amount of time, enough to kill your opponent easily.
  • Knife Throw is spammable while using TS.
  • MUDA Barrage is effective against low durability Stands.
  • If used correctly, TW can be amazing for damage.


  • Time Smite (Donut) doesn't work a lot of the time, and can be easily countered by just blocking.
  • Time Stop is useless if your opponent is far away or uses Stand Jump to get away.
  • Long cooldowns.
  • Even though it's durability is an A, it's HP is low and most stands can easily demolish all of your health without trying.
  • MUDA Barrage is useless against high durability Stands.
  • Gets defeated easily by it's evolutions.
  • Time stop donut is very rare to work.


  • The World, although being a 2% chance, is said to not be as rare as other arrow stands.
  • The World is the Stand that DIO wields in Stardust Crusaders.
  • The World's stats are actually worse than Star Platinum's. In-game however, they are the same.
  • The World may find itself being reworked in the revamp, due to the ABD situation.