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"In this world, Johnny Joestar is my greatest test. And I will overcome that test and kill him without fail." - Diego Brando From an Alternate Universe (Heikō Sekai kara Kita Diego, 並行世界から来たディエゴ)

Basic Information

The World: Alternative Universe (commonly referred to as "TWAU") is the Stand of Alternate Diego Brando, a secondary antagonist of Steel Ball Run.

The World: Alternative Universe is a strong Stand with a multitude of projectiles, good melee moves, and a timestop.

The World: Alternative Universe and its shiny are C Tier in Rarity and B Tier in PvP.

How To Obtain

The World: Alternative Universe is obtained by using an Arrow on Standless with a 4% chance of obtaining, and its shiny is a 1% chance. Another way to obtain The World: Alternative Universe is by Trading.


  • The World: Alternative Universe + Shiny Arrow = Neo The World: Alternative Universe (6.6% chance). Has a high chance of failing. There are no differences other than its appearance and rarity.


The World: (Alternative Universe) is a humanoid Stand with a build similar to Diego's and design similar to its alternate counterpart. The back of its hands bears the shape of a clock with similar emblems on both its shoulders and hips. Its chin and belt region are decorated with hearts, while its knees are capped with D-shaped pads.

On its back are twin diving cylinders, connected via short twin ridged cables to the rear of its mask; perhaps secured by thick, ridged, or puffed straps running from the rear of its waist over both its shoulders to its front. On the other hand, its shiny, Neo The World: Alternative Universe is also similar to The World (Alternate Universe)'s model, just being multiple shades of light blue rather than yellow.


"You dare track ME, idiot?!" (MUDA! Barrage)
Ekey.png + Hold
TWAU throws a flurry of fast punches, dealing average damage.
'"MUDA!" Strike
TWAU punches the enemy backwards, dealing good damage and nice knockback.
Triple Knife Volley
TWAU throws three knives that do good damage. Quite spammable in Timestop.
Revolver Shot
The player takes out a revolver and shoots it. This deals a great amount of damage upon it hitting.
"The conclusion will come faster if we stop time, Johnny Joestar!" (Me Time)
TWAU and the user poses, then stop time. TWAU's TS lasts for 6 seconds. Good if you wanna do a ton of damage while your enemy is defenceless.
"The end will come before you even stop!" (Dazing Kick)
TWAU kicks the enemy, ragdolling them. Very good if you wanna combo your enemy to death.


R+T(easy if you can hit knifes)

H+R+T (use R right after they land from H)

(TS COMBO) R+F+T+Y +E(medium)

R+E+Y(do the barrage for a short time)

(TS combo) R+F+T+T+H+Click+T+R (~380 damage if you hit all knifes)


Twau is a lot of good projectiles that can be spammed to win the fight

Your knifes if all hit can do MASSIVE damage

Your R Has a double hit which could be useful if you miss your first hit

Your Y deals good damage.


You cannot evolve this stand beside turn it into a shiny (Provides no advantage)

You have to counter measure against ts (besides z)

It is far outclassed in combat and value by its evolved counterparts like TWOH and TWOVAH, and DTW/OVA

Bad rarity and demand