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"Puny humans! I will rule you all! Bow before my power and knowledge!" - Dio Brando (a.k.a DIO) (Dio Burandō, ディオ・ブランドー)”

Basic Information

Vampiric The World which is commonly referred as VTW according to the playerbase. Vampiric The World is the stand that originates from a Jojo game called A Bizarre Day. It is also based off when DIO awakens his stand from Joseph Joestar's blood, The World with its stand power at the final parts of Stardust Crusaders ( Part 3 of JJBA Series )

How to Obtain

This stand is currently obtainable and it can be obtainable by two ways, one is: You must use a Vampire Mask on The World or you can get it from getting hit by WSAU's T move while standless (1/3 chance to get a stand)

As for it's shiny, you must use a Vampire Mask on The World OVA to get TW:GH.


Vampiric The World seems to have the same type of design as The World's current model in Stands Awakening. This stand's model will most likely change into a different one due to being the same type of model with the same type of designs as the World's current model ( Not revamped model )


There is only one evolutions you can make using this stand

  • Shadow The World ( STW )

- To get Shadow The World, you will need to use Camera on Vampiric The World to get Shadow The World ( Vampiric The World + Camera = Shadow The World )


「 PASSIVE 」- Vampire

- Due to your Vampiric abilities and this passive, this can grant you self-health restoration, this means that you will regain a short amount of health overtime


Vampiric MUDA! Barrage
Vampiric The World punch the enemy multiple times at rapid speed, this deals high damage to the enemy
Heavy Vampiric Punch
Vampiric The World charges its fist and punch the enemy with full force, this deals the enemy high damage with a short knockback
Knife Throw
The user will throw a knife to the enemy in front of it, this deals 20 damage to the enemy if in contact with. During the timestop, this skill has no cooldown as thus this is a spammable skill'
"Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare!"
You will do the Timestop animation while stopping time for around 5 seconds. During that 5 seconds, it is your chance to stack up as much damage as you can to the enemy. Your T skill is also spammable during the Timestop, making this useful." (Sometimes glitchy.)
Blood Suck
The user will swiftly take out its hand and stab it into the enemy's neck, then you suck their blood, this can regain some health, very useful when you are in low health during PVPs. (Vampiric move)
Vaporization Freezing Technique
The user will use its hands and stabs the enemy while freezing them at one spot. After the enemy's frozen, the user will then snap the enemy's frozen legs over their head. This breaks the ice and cause the enemy to fling. While doing this skill, the user will say "Behold the Oblivion of Death!" but in Japanese"
"7 seconds have past... ROAD ROLLA DAAA!"(Removed)
" Vampiric The World will quickly stops time and launch up into the sky, then spawning a huge steamroller. Both the user and Vampiric The World will punch the Steamroller rapidly will all of their strength. Once punching the steamroller, the user will use 100% of its power and punch the steamroller, this will cause the Steamroller to explode and do immerse damage to the enemy if in contact with the Steamroller"

6 Damage per hit to the Steamroller

65 Damage from Explosion of the Steamroller
Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
The user will charge pressurized fluid into the user's eyes, then shooting out lasers from its eyes, which can combine from 2 into 1 huge laser. This deals 45 damage to the enemy from close to long range.


There are combos that you can try when using Vampiric The World as it can be useful / helpful when fighting against other players in PVPs, here are some combos you can practice.

Easy Combos

  • Y+B ( Blood Suck + Vaporization Freezing Technique )
  • Y+R ( Blood Suck + Heavy Vampiric Punch )
  • B + T + V (Vaporization Freezing Technique + Knife Throw + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes)
  • F+Y+B+T+T ( Time Stop / " Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare" + Blood Suck + Vaporization Freezing Technique + Knife Throw + Knife Throw )
  • F+E+R ( Time Stop / " Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare" + Vampiric MUDA! Barrage + Heavy Vampiric Punch )

Medium Combos

  • Y+B+F+V+E+Y+R (Blood Suck + Vaporization Freezing Technique + Time Stop / "Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare!" + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes + Vampiric MUDA! Barrage + Blood Suck + Heavy Vampiric Punch)
  • F+R+Y+T+T+T ( Time Stop / " Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomare" + Heavy Vampiric Punch + Blood Suck + Knife Throw + Knife Throw + Knife Throw )
  • F+Y+B+T+T+T ( Time Stop / " Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomarre" + Blood Suck + Vaporization Freezing Technique + Knife Throw + Knife Throw + Knife Throw )
  • F+B+E -- Hold E for 3 seconds than press Y ( Time Stop / " Za Warudo, Toki wo Tomarre" + Vaporization Freezing Technique + Vampiric MUDA! Barrage ( Hold it for 3 seconds ) + Blood Suck
  • Y+V+T+B+T ( Blood Suck + Space Ripper Stingy Eyes + Knife Throw + Vaporization Freezing Technique + Knife Throw )

Hard Combo

  • Y+B+J -- Use J when the enemy was ragdolled from the B Move effect ( Blood Suck + Vaporization Freezing Technique + " 7 seconds has past...ROAD ROLLA DAAA!" ( Removed )

Pros and Cons


  • Good Damage Output.
  • Very Good Durability.
  • This stand has a passive called Vampire, which heals you by 2% after 2-3 seconds.
  • This stand has two ranged / projectile moves, this is useful for chip damage.
  • Good Combo Potential.
  • The B Move ( Vaporization Freezing Technique ) is a good move that does 75 damage, obliterating a lot of health.
  • During Time Stop, knives are spammable, it will also stay like that for a short amount of time after Time Stop ends.


  • This stand can be easily countered by stronger stands/specs, such as The World: Over Heaven/The World: Over Heaven OVA.
  • This stand does not have much health, causing the user to take lots of damage from enemies who have higher destructive power than them.
  • Struggles against stands/specs with good combo potential, such as Shadow The World and Kars.
  • Not a lot of mobility.
  • Vaporization Freezing Technique and Blood Suck are good moves, but they are short ranged.
  • Time Stop can be cancelled by Gold Experience Requiem's Return To Zero.
  • Time Stop is useless if your opponents are blocking or are in the air.

Battle Strategies

Using Projectiles / Ranged-Moves : Vampiric The World has two ranged moves that can help to decrease the enemies' health by a lot. Projectile moves are also most effective on close range stands / specs. For example : Jotaro's Star Platinum / Jotaro's Star Platinum ( OVA ) and even Kars etc.

Durability : Vampiric The World has high durability as the user's health is decent, however it is not the greatest. Always block when fighting against enemies during PVPs because it is useful as it can reduce the amount of damage that the enemy deal with the defensive stance. The block is very good for this stand, so it was most likely an A tier block according to some people ( Just like A Bizarre Day maybe )

Using Timestop : Vampiric The World's Timestop is 5 seconds long, this means that it is decent and useful as you can stack a lot of damage to the enemy during the state of Timestop. However, this skill can be easily countered by some stands and specs such as Golden Experience Requiem's Return To Zero. Try to use Timestop while the enemy isn't using, because if it was done correctly, you can stack up lots of damage to the enemy during the state of Timestop

Combos : Vampiric The World has good combo potential like other stands / specs but not as good as some of them. Try to use combos on enemies as it may remove lots of health to the enemy if done correctly and perfectly as it can also finish the enemy faster. For example : Y + R + T

Using Road Roller : This skill is not recommended to use because it is known as a obvious start-up but you can try using on enemies when they least expecting this. It is also important to press J ( Road Roller ) when the enemy was sprinting. The reason why this move is not recommended is because it can be countered by some skills such as Golden Experience Requiem's Return To Zero, stands with Timestop Movement and stand jumping